Are You Living By Design
Or By Default?


check in with your life

Are you spending your time effectively?

Have you ever tallied up the hours you spend in a week that might be considered wasteful with respect to how you'd really like to be living? Have you even considered what is wasteful versus a productive use of your time? The HOW I LIVE program helps you 'put up a mirror' to the way you've been spending your precious minutes and hours in each day.

Interested in breaking bad habits?

Have you developed behaviors or habits that are holding you back from achieving your goals around health, fitness, career or even relationships? Join the HOW I LIVE program and work with others to finally start developing good habits and achieving your goals!

All work and no play?

We all have to pay the bills, but are you routinely getting to the end of the week, desperate for a drink away the stress of yet another busy work week? Perhaps you're getting to Sunday and wondering where the week went because nothing you did stands out as interesting or exciting? Well it's time to start scheduling in some activities that bring joy back into your life. 

The program


31 day program including a three day orientation period. 


Work alongside other motivated people through online discussions and offline accountability partners.


Daily interactive coaching sessions via Facebook live, webinars and other collaborative platforms.


Marc Stcherbina

As a professional rugby player for 12 years, coach and personal trainer for 7, and Sport Science graduate with a major in coaching, I have the experience to help you elevate to the best version of yourself.

Having retired from my sporting career prematurely due to injury, I know what it is like to experience a major life transition. 

This, along with my recent investment in emotional intelligence training has led me to developing a program to help individuals evaluate how they are living, and then use powerful tools to redesign their days and weeks in order to live an intentional, fulfilling life of no regrets. 

Welcome, to the HOW I LIVE program!

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Life Evaluation Tools

You'll be able to check in with how you're living using self evaluation tools such as the HOW I LIVE Life Expectancy Matrix (LEM) and Self Evaluation Survey (SES).

Goal Setting Platforms

You'll be guided through a goal setting process and provided with effective, easy to use online intention setting documents so you can design your up coming weeks with ease and confidence.

Accountability Through Community

You'll be motivated by others in a closed Facebook group and other online communication platforms enabling you to share your goals and celebrate your victories while creating accountability for yourself and others.

Daily Coaching Sessions

Enjoy interactive coaching sessions with expert coaches and thought leaders via daily Facebook Live videos.

Develop Life Changing Habits

Throughout the program you'll experience a different perspective on your live while being provided with the mindset tools to finally start living your life from a place of purpose and fulfillment!

HOW I LIVE Program


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Check in with yourself on how you spend your time and then redesign your life with this 31 day, interactive online program created to empower you to live a fulfilling life of no regrets.

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